saint-barth internet exchange

The main objective of the Saint-Barth Internet Exchange SBH-IX, a member-owned organization, is to facilitate the interconnection of the networks of the members (most of the telecom operators present) within Saint-Barthélemy's territory, and hence improve connectivity and service for their users locally, regionally and internationally.
SBH-IX project is conducted with the help and assistance of the CTU, for the local government La Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy, and involved stakeholder (ISPs, Operators) in Saint-Barthélemy – it comes up, as a part of the CARIBIX Project, for the French Islands of the Carribean.
SBH-IX manages one or more physical points of interconnection (facilies). Members may connect to each other’s networks by connecting their router to one or more of the Facilities.
Members may enter into separate peering agreements with any other Member and/or announce their route(s) to the IX route servers in order to exchange traffic, after they are connected to one or more of the SBH-IX Facilities.

The presence of the SBH-IX Internet Exchange Point in Saint-Barthélemy will improve the user experience of subscribers by maintaining traffic locally and considerably reducing the latency of their Internet connection.
SBH-IX will also provide opportunities for the deployment of new digital services and content activities for local businesses.
In addition, this infrastructure will strengthen the resilience of the island's telecommunications networks.

SBH-IX is established as a not-for-profit voluntary association of ISPs in Saint-Barthélemy. (Details)

The SBH-IX Facilities will be installed and temporarily managed by the local government, La Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy, until the SBH-IX organization is officially established as a legal entity.
When the SBH-IX organization is officially established as a legal entity, La Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy will transfer ownership and/or management to the SBH-IX organization.
Find more information about SBH-IX on PeeringDB's page : PeeringDB / SBH-IX

La Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy provides housing for the SBH-IX Facilities in its buildings (currently NROL, then NROG/, and NROS) and fiber connectivity between SBH-IX Facilities located in those buildings.